Wednesday, 21 March, 2007

Mumbai, The Spittoon. Still I Love The City

How come Mumbaikar’s have so much saliva? It is more than that they could swallow, and so have to spit it out on a regular basis. So they do it left, right, and centre.

Forget civic sense and all those 'nonsense'. Even the people around do not matter. To spit is their right, and to get spat upon is our duty. You can expect it from anywhere, any time, anybody! This is something where you could find equality.

The rich will roll down their Porsches’ glass and spit. A Bharat Gas truck driver does the same. Of course, he can’t roll down any glass. But beware! He’s an elevated being capable of spraying you with those heavenly juices. One of my friends was fortunate enough to attain nirvana after such an incident.

Fully made-up, heavily bejewelled ladies? School kids? Your boss? Yes, everyone is in this with all their might. While walking on the road, they turn their heads and spit. ! Lucky, if you miss it by seconds or millimetres. While climbing the station stairs, they spit it to the step ahead. Not even turn the head. While waiting at the bus stop, they do it everywhere. You will get trained in the new game called ‘walking between spits’ or 'dodging the spit.'

Yes, these are the people who made Mumbai a big spittoon.

Is this simply, madly Mumbai? Still I love the city ...

It's more than two years since I came to Mumbai. I haven't been to the northern cities of India. Friends tell me that those cities are worse. Yuk! I don't want to go to there ...

Photo courtesy: According to this site, this warning board is in Mumbai Airport :-)

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