Wednesday, 26 November, 2008

First vada pav, then kanda poha; Next is what?

The Shiv Sena is going to launch Shiv brand of vada pav, a common snack in Maharashtra. This is supposedly aimed at countering the sons-of-the-soil campaign by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). Very funny, I feel. A panel of 3 chefs will select the best recipe for the brand from 27 vada pav vendors. The launch is planned on January 23, 2009, Bal Thackeray’s birthday.

So what did the Congress do? They decided to promote the ‘cause’ of ‘kanda poha’ (a breakfast dish made of rice flakes and onions. The Congress claims kanda poha is truly Maharashtrian as the rice and onions come from Maharashtra’s farms, whereas the ingredients of vada pav – potatoes and gramflour – come from UP and Bihar. Kanda poha festival will be taking palace in the next fortnight, where various kanda poha specialists will display their culinary skills.

The Shiv Sena considers Congress’s move as a political gimmick. What about theirs? Oh! I forgot. Shiv vada pav will provide jobs for Marathi manoos!

I personally support Congress as kanda poha is healthier than vada pav, though I eat both when I travel. Uddhav Thackeray reportedly not tasting vada pav at the recently held ‘vada pav sammelan’ might be because it’s not healthy. A wild guess! But, I must admit that when one is time-starved, it’s the best choice to grab and eat on the way. A typical Mumbai scene this is!

Now, what will the MNS support? Hindustan Times guesses it to be missal pav. It also suggests the NCP to support kanda bhajjiya, the Samajwadi Party to go after ussal pav, the Republican Party of India to take up bhel’s cause, and the BJP to embrace sev puri.

Hilarious! Isn’t it so?

All these made me think what would Kerala’s political parties support, in a similar fashion. Which party will support porotta? It’s like vada pav. Not healthy. Unlike Maharashtra, Kerala need more options as we have more parties. We can’t make our claims on idli and dosa. We have puttu, palappam, vellayappam, idiyappam, kappa, etc. But we need to ascertain their lineage first. I remember reading somewhere that puttu, palappam, and idiyappam have Sri Lankan origins. If this is true, we’ve only vellayappam and kappa to choose from. Or should we include unniyappam, pazhampori, sukhiyan, avalosunda, churuttu, kuzhalappam, etc? J

On a serious note…

Just now heard the news on Mumbai blasts and shootings. Will these politicians do something productive to prevent such terrible incidents? Terrorists do not consider whether the victims are sons-of-the-soil or not.


Dhanya 27 November 2008 at 7:12 pm  

LOL I'm clearly in the pazhampori party :P

The one who has loved and lost 28 November 2008 at 5:00 am  

Oh these Senas!!
Not that situation is great back home!

Anonymous 1 December 2008 at 9:30 am  

I was completely shaken by the events that unfolded in Mumbai during the past few days.

Now the blaming game has begun...these politicians!

Bindhu Unny 12 December 2008 at 6:38 pm  

Dhanya: Ha ha ... I'll give you company :-)
Deepu: I know :-)
Sridevi: Yes, these politicians all behave the same, whichever party they are in. :-)

Ajith 12 December 2008 at 11:37 pm  

Heights of insanity :) LOL. copyright on food dishes!!! unbelievable. Should be careful eating Pizza or Noodles, may be u have to fight an Italian or a Chinese in an international court of law!!

Anrosh 13 December 2008 at 12:29 am  

"missall pav" is next - it is an amazing maharastrian cusine.

kochuthresiamma p .j 13 December 2008 at 12:34 am  

ha ha politicising the palate!
good piece!

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